“I couldn’t be more satisfied with your customer service”

“Dear John, I have been a customer of Custom Floor Care for several years and wanted to let you know that I couldn’t be more satisfied with your customer service. After having used several cooperate companies, I was really discouraged at the way they always tried to sell me products or services that I didn’t need. When looking for a new carpet cleaner, I was attracted to your ad in the phone book that stated that you were family owned and eco-friendly. Something that appealed to me further was the fact that you were able to set me up with an appointment within the same week, and have done so ever single time I’ve called since.

After using your service, I was really impressed with the professionalism of your staff and the excellent job they did on my carpets. The were knowledgeable and willing to give me information about stain and protective treatments without making me feel as though they were trying to sell me something extra. That is something I really appreciate about your company and employees’ customer service. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a company that values its customers; thank you for your excellent service. I will be more than happy to recommend Custom Floor Care to anyone who is in need!”

Bronwen Mellinger

“If you want the job done right… the first time!”

“Network Realty, Inc. is a professional real estate licensed property management company who have been in business for almost 20 years, who manages numerous single family homes, apartment complex’s, commercial, industrial, and retail properties, whereby we have a constant need for professional carpet cleaning, repairs, and new carpet installations to meet our client tenants needs.

We have been doing business with “Custom Floor Care” and John Helmer the Owner, for over six (6) years where John and his skilled and professionally trained crew, have always meet our client tenants needs “On time and on Budget”.

I can always count on John and his company to “fast track” a job, with little notice, when the need arises, and I know that I can count on John and his Custom Floor Care Crew, are “Always on the Way”… when we need them most…!

If you need professional carpet care, I personally would recommend that you call Custom Floor Care if you want the job “Done right… The first time”!”

Edward Lord
Network Realty, Inc.